Ripe, rich and delicious – bananas are one of most popular fruits that are easily available all year round. However, there are some weight watchers who will raise their eyebrows if they are asked to include it in their diet. They will soon know why this awesome fruit deserves to be loved and eaten.

banana-hair-maskBanana works very well for hair loss prevention and hair growth and also heal other hair based problems.Apart from eating bananas are also being use for many medicinal benefits; One of the best benefits of banana is it prevents hair loss.Banana contains vitamins and minerals that helps to nourish and moisturize the hair and scalps. Banana helps to repair the rough and damage hair, and provide smooth and silky hair for both man and woman.


List of tips for the benefits of banana for hair loss treatment-

Bananas have many treatment values for preventing hair loss; and below are the following tips that will help you-

  • hair-mask-with-bananaTreatment of hair damage with banana

Banana is the natural hair conditioner. Take the ripe banana and coconut milk in the bowl. Mix the ingredients and apply to the hair. Wash your hair after 10minutes. If amla juice is available, then add the amla juice to the above mix.

  • Using Banana for strengthening and shining hairs

To strengthening and shining hair, use banana along with sunflower oil and lime juice.

  • diy_bananaHair loss control with the banana

The main reason for hair loss is dandruff and itchiness on the scalps. Banana cure dandruff off and repair the hair loss.Take the ripe banana and crush the banana to make a paste, add the ½ cup of curd to it. Apply this smooth paste on the scalp. It helps to control the itchy scalp and prevents the hair loss.


So the above mentions are some of the benefits of banana for hair loss treatment. Banana is the good fruit, which are widely available all over the world. Hence banana will be the best, free and simplest cure method for preventing hair loss and for Growth of new hairs .